A Dosage Of Vintage

Halston Heritage Off-The-Shoulder Silk Top | Elizabeth and James Suede A-Line Skirt | Hue Fishnet Stockings | San Diego Hat Co. Leopard Print Fedora A glimpse below of just a few of my vintage, designer vintage, and vintage-inspired pieces that will be for sale at my new pop-up shop concept-   Vintage Heroine-   debuting next … Continue Reading

A Vintage Intervention!

I am having an insane love affair with VINTAGE-inspired fashion!  Here are a few WICKED- COOL pieces I have collected over the past month! COMING NEXT YEAR!!! A Pop-Up Shop Concept Featuring Authentic Designer Vintage and Vintage-Inspired Fashion.  Each and Every Piece Will Be Personally Scrutinized, Coveted, and Hand-Picked By Moi and A Glamorous Friend … Continue Reading

Edie Sedgwick-My Style Icon

Edie Sedgwick was an American heiress, socialite, fashion model, and one of Andy Warhol’s muses.   I absolutely loved her Mod, carefree sense of style!  Calling herself a “Superstar”, Edie starred in many of Warhol’s movies.     She had such seductive charm, wearing little more than a bodysuit.  Her trademark triangular earrings descended to … Continue Reading

Gifted Vintage Jewelry

I cherish any and all gifted jewelry I receive from friends and family!  My most recent treasures were given to me by my Grandmother-In-Law, Chuck and my late Aunt, Lisa!  This is true vintage jewelry that’s been worn through past generations and is now one-of-a-kind! The following pieces were gifted to me recently from my … Continue Reading

London’s High Street Fashion…Unleashed!

“There’s nothing else like London.  Nothing at all, anywhere.”  -Vivienne Westwood Such an appropriate quote from the British fashion designer that, back in the 1970’s, brought modern punk and new wave fashion into the mainstream UK scene and beyond. I absolutely love London’s fashion culture, and I had the extraordinary opportunity to witness it up … Continue Reading