My family and I frequent Steamboat Springs, CO on a regular basis.  It’s one of my favorite vacation destinations!  When I go on vacation I love to relax, but I also love to workout!  Getting in a good hour of killer cardio or muscle conditioning, strengthens not only my body but, more importantly, my mind. It “smooths the rough edges” – minimizing all of my anxieties and self-doubt for the day.  Working out is my THERAPY and there is no better place to find great “therapy” than at Steamboat Fitness.

If you are ever in Steamboat Springs, I highly recommend taking a class or two.  They offer pilates, yoga, spinning, and muscle conditioning….and much, much more.  They also sell fresh, organic bottled juices that are amazing!  You can use them as a cleanse or just a meal replacement drink.

I’m a bit prejudiced, but my favorite classes are those taught by one of my closest friends, Charly!  She teaches Spin and Pure Power.  Her music is awesome- it FUELS you through the entire workout.  She is a bundle of muscle, energy, and strength!

I love the mantra on the wall of Studio 108 (their spin studio).  Motivating and soul-searching!

And, of course, being the “shopping diva” that I am…I never leave their gym without buying one of their cool tees, tanks, and sweatshirts.  All styles are a perfect fit!  (Oh, did I also mention…they carry lululemon)?

So the next time you are on vacation, I challenge you to “let go of the brakes”.  Find a form of exercise that takes you beyond your comfort zone.  Dig deep!  Discover your greatness!  YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU THINK!

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