Suffering intense lower back and nerve pain is not my idea of fun!  In fact, these injuries brought me to my knees, and I found myself FALLING fast.  But after four grueling, restless weeks of resting and trying to heal…today I have decided that I’ve had enough!  I am going to pick myself up, fight through the pain, leave my weakness behind, and get STRONG again!

Why?  Because strong is BEAUTIFUL!

Working out gives me the endorphin high I crave, the confidence I need, and the peace of mind that keeps me sane.

This is what my body accomplished today…Here is a glimpse of one of my typical workouts, outside the gym.  I’ll keep it simple for you.

Warm Up:
25 Push Ups
50 Reps of Abs
50 High Knees
50 Mountain Climbers

Work Out:
Jog 3 Miles
After 1st Mile, 25 Push Ups
After 2nd Mile, 25 Push Ups/25 Squats/25 Lunges/50 Calf Raises
After 3rd Mile, 25 Push Ups/25 Bench Jumps

I repeat the following 5 times through:
50 Reps of Abs, Followed By 30 Reps of Leg/Butt Work

10 Minutes of Shoulder and Back Work with 8-15 Pound Dumbbells
50  Switch Jump Lunges

My Abdominal exercises consist of a LOT of plank work; V-Ups; Side V-Ups; Bicycle Crunches; and a variety of crunches, pikes, etc on a stability ball.

My Leg/Butt exercises consist of Jump Squats; Single Leg Bench Squats; Plies To Calf Raises; Curtsy Lunges; Hamstring Curls and Leg Pulses with a stability band.

.  .  .

Now, Let’s get to the important stuff!  What I WEAR to workout in.  This is HUGE!  Here are some of my latest “get-ups”.

 Asics Top and Shorts


 Nike Tank | adidas by Stella McCartney Skirt | Under Armour Shoes


Nike Tank | Tracy Anderson Leggings | Nike Shoes


.  .  .

My Music Playlists are THE most important part of my workouts. I update them monthly.  Music pushes me a little further- it makes me work harder and run faster.  Here is my September Playlist.


The Town/The Weeknd
Why Ask Why/Kaskade, Late Night
Come To Me/The Goo Goo Dolls
Robbers/The 1975
Get Like Me/Nelly, Nicki Minaj, Pharrell
Wrecking Ball/Miley Cyrus
We Can’t Stop/Miley Cyrus
Wildfire/John Mayer, Frank Ocean
Paper Doll/John Mayer
The Island-Pt II/Pendulum
Under The Waves/Pendulum
Break You Hard/Natalia Kills
Siren- Extended Mix/Kat Crazy, elkka
Scarred/Jamestown Story
Hopeless Wanderer/Mumford & Sons
Killing In The Name/Rage Against The Machine

.  .  .

When I visit the GYM (which is quite frequently), I HAVE to credit the instructors that push me to my limit, have AWESOME music, and… most importantly are my SAVIORS!

Myk at Lifetime Fitness/Parker, CO
Jasmine at PuraVida/Denver, CO
Teddi at Hot Mammas/Denver, CO

So let’s get to the point

I feel STRONG when I SWEAT.  I feel STRONG when I’m SORE…



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