Sex And The City was, and still is, my absolute favorite television series.  Nothing will ever compare to the story lines created for the four smart and beautiful characters depicted in each and every episode.  I was especially enamored of Carrie Bradshaw!  Her passion for fashion; her love of Manhattan; her challenges and adventures in life, love, and work all rung so true to me!  Her closet was pure heaven!!!

She also made smoking cigarettes and drinking cosmopolitans look so FUCKING cool!!!  


If I could, which I won’t and I can’t…I would run out right now and pick up a pack of Marlboro Lights and pour myself a nice stiff Cosmo…But these naughty little habits would just add fuel to the fire of my already insatiable addictive personality!

And who can forget Carrie’s infamous nameplate necklace.  A trend that still has legs!

Before I show you a glimpse of…YESSarah Jessica Parker’s exclusive new shoe collection for Nordstrom…SIGH…I will share with you my favorite looks from SJP.  She is one of my superior style icons- she has impeccable taste and wears clothes with attitude!  She is not afraid to be daring and experimental when it comes to fashion.


What an INSANE body!!!
So now that you know what a “style-maven” Sarah Jessica Parker is, I hope you enjoy a preview of her shoe collection that makes its debut at Nordstrom on February 28th.  SJP wanted to make a shoe with great attention to detail.  They are all handmade in Italy and prices will range from just under $200 to just under $500; but most will be in the mid-200’s to high 300’s.  They are fairly pricy but not when compared to any other shoe made by an Italian artisan.
The collection consists of beautiful silhouettes and colors.  The quality is EXCELLENT and well worth your money!

All of the styles are elegant, sophisticated, timeless, and sexy.  The colors are beautiful…shades ranging from persimmon to poppy; icy lilac to minty green; deep turquoise to French navy; mulberry to soft cinnamon; dove gray to asparagus.

For her personal “stamp”, Sarah Jessica added a thin grosgrain ribbon running up the back of the shoe or a tiny ribbon tab on its side.  She is very passionate about these shoes and named each style after a person that inspires her.

Jessica Parker will be making personal appearances for any of you “lucky soles” that live in Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, or Dallas.  She will be at these Nordstrom locations form March 5th to March 9th.
Finally, a look at some of my favorite outfits that Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex And The City.
If you adore fabulously feminine, classically elegant shoes hand-picked by Carrie Bradshaw herself, I seriously recommend you go out and purchase a pair, or two, or three of these babies!  I will definitely be online or in-store February 28th to get my greedy little hands on these covet-worthy classics!
Happy Shopping!

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