“If you had one shot,  one opportunity… to seize everything you ever wanted.  One moment…Would you capture it?  Or just let it slip?”
-Eminem/Lose Yourself


In life, we are presented with:
Opportunities to excel,
Opportunities to struggle,
Opportunities to be significant,
Opportunities to be humbled,
 Opportunities to cry hard, to be foolish, and to love.
Yes, there is pain.  But there is BEAUTY too.  Keep your heart open.
If you look closely, carefully, past the challenges, the turns in the road, and all the distractions, you’ll notice something:  YOU ARE DOING IT.
Right now, you are doing it.  Despite all the background noise, and the challenges, and the distractions, and the doubts that tell you otherwise, you are doing it.  You are creating your BEAUTIFUL LIFE.  You are traveling in the right direction.


Set aside your doubts.  Quiet the thoughts that say you aren’t good enough, important enough, capable enough to begin.  Tell them you can’t listen because today you TRUST yourself.  Today, you BELIEVE in your heart.  Today, you tell the small voice inside that you’re giving it a chance.



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