I gain incredible strength, not only physically but also mentally, when I workout.  When my adrenalin is peaking, when my endorphins are singing, and when my body is sweating…there is no better “high”.
Exercise has always been a priority in my life.  It clears my mind of obsessive thoughts…the self-sabotage and self-loathing are miraculously removed.  I am surprisingly at peace with myself for 60+ minutes.  My mind, body, and soul are in sync and free from judgement.  I breathe in love and breathe out fear.
About five years ago I met a gentleman that pushed me to my limits and allowed me to achieve a strength I never knew I had.  He was my personal trainer and is now a madman instructor in the gym.  Every Sunday morning I drive 25 minutes just to attend his “No Limits Circuit” class at Lifetime Fitness.
Myk B. not only pushes your workout to new levels, but makes it astonishingly sweat-dripping fun. His class is pure insanity, and he is my reason I continue to stay strong.  The circuits are uniquely challenging and exhausting; the music is ideal and energy-building; and the crazy people that show up every Sunday are inspiring, kick-ass strong, and extremely compassionate. Words can’t describe the powerful energy felt in that class.
Here’s a sampling of what goes on in class.

Myk specializes in nicknaming all of his victims…
He also takes pride in creating shirts for us to sweat in…
So…while I’m on the subject of exercise, here is a glimpse of what my typical workout looks like,  outside of the gym.  The pictures taken below are at Lowry Sports Complex, across the street from my house.  This particular workout involves easy stretching, running hills, and incorporating muscle-sculpting exercises for abs, butt, thighs, and arms.  2-3 Sets of 15 Reps each.  5-10 Sprints.  Enjoy!!!


Star Push-Ups


Side Plank to Reach-Thru

Star Side Plank/Lower & Lift Leg

Downward Dog/Slowly Lower & Scoop thru to Push-Up Position


Side Knee-Ups on Bench


Squat Jumps On & Off Bench


Box Jumps

Side & Center Knee Plank to Push-Up

Running Stairs

Calf Raises

Wall Squats

Tricep Dips


High Five To a Job Well-Done!

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