I am passionately in love with a thin silk scarf tied high around the neck!  Or, add a slight touch of sleek masculinity with a slim black tie paired over a white button down shirt.  

I must emulate these looks below!  They represent a softer, more feminine side of evening cool! A scarf adds so much personality to any outfit!   -Images taken of Kendall Jenner for Vogue Magazine’s December issue.-


Since I cannot afford Lanvin prices, I can buy a simple black silk scarf and attach a fabric rosette at the knot.

Silk Twill “Lariot” Scarf | Barney’s

Velvet Rose Flower Hair Clip | Amazon | $5.90

Plume Stole | Hermes | $880.00

Foil Dot Flower Clip | Ulta | $7.50

 Saint Laurent

Pin Dot Scarf | Saint Laurent | $625.00

Silk Tuxedo Scarf | Saint Laurent | $325.00

Polka-Dot Silk Scarf | Saint Laurent | $325.00

Alexander McQueen Biker Jacket | Marchesa Dress

Blouse With Bow | H&M | $29.95 

Donna Pussy Bow Silk Blouse | Joseph | $395.00
Tie One On This Holiday Season!

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