I am fanatical about finding the coolest, latest, and most unique workout clothes!  I push harder, sweat longer,  and feel stronger when I’m wearing fitness attire that fits well, performs ruthlessly, and looks bad-ass!  My three favorite pieces for the month of January…

Prismsport Red Snake Capri | Hot Mamas Exercise | $82.00
Check Out Hot Mamas Website Here

Spiritual Gangster Crop Top | PuraVida Health Club and Spa
Check Out PuraVida’s Website Here

Inspire Tight Full-On Luxtreme | lululemon | $102.00

Studio Racerback | lululemon | $42.00
    My weapons of choice: Keep It Simple! A Pair of 3 or 5 Pound Hand Weights,  A Resistance Band, Your Own Bodyweight, and a Kick-Ass Playlist!

Love my “KK Rocks” custom-made Nike Sneakers!

I like any exercises that involve planks and pushups!  Throw in some curtsy lunges, butt work, mountain climbers, and burpees…I’m Good!

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