“You are the poem I never knew how to write and this life is the story I have always wanted to tell.”

 -Tyler Knott Gregson |  chasers of the light

Father’s Day gifts for my hubby…








Peel back my skin and it won’t be bones you will find.  Hiding under the muscles, the tissues, the scars, and the freckles are decaying timbers washed ashore.  I am a sinking ship made of unsinkable parts.  I am an old boat, built without a rudder, a tattered sheet for a sail.  Can you see what I’ve been trying to show you, that I go where the breeze decides to carry me and you, my love, are a hurricane.

I am made from the creaking beams and rusted nails of a lonely vessel on a lonely sea. I am covered and coated, dusted with old salt water and the frail residue of moonlight.  The oars and the compass, the anchor and the wheel, have long since abandoned me.  Can you hear what I’ve longed to tell you, that I go where the waves wish to deliver me and you, my love, are the tide.

Press your ear to my chest and listen, where a heartbeat should sing you will hear the melancholy songs of tired whales.  The unsettled sigh and explosion of breath as they find the surface once again.  Can you taste the salt on my lips?  Can you listen to the words I’ve been aching to say, that I go where the light pulls me and you, my love, are the stars.

Stare through the portholes of my eyes, across the grey blue and green they float upon.  Hold tight to the timbers hiding under this flesh and fill the empty sail with your grace.  I am the fragments of a shattered ship, filled with ancient songs sung by ancient souls.  Can you feel me falling into you as you leak into me, that I am a sinking ship made from sinking parts and you, my love, are the sea.

-Tyler Knott Gregson | chasers of the light

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