I owe my love of vintage to the respect, reverence, and devout adoration I have for any and all of our 20th century designers. Their craftsmanship, creativeness, and imagination are astounding and glamorous! I view fashion as a form of art, beauty, and expression. The joy of vintage is that you are buying a heady cocktail of sentiment, history, style, glamour, and beautiful workmanship. If only these clothes could talk, they would speak of a legacy all their own!  Each vintage piece has been coveted, adored, and worn with devotion.

Collecting vintage fashion is a way to give tribute to timeless style. When I rummage through flea markets and thrift stores, I look for authenticity and one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Every piece has a colorful past and has a story to tell! And, it’s my job to infuse new life into each garment.  I love mixing vintage with current on-trend merchandise, reinventing a timeless frock with modern attitude.

I want to share my passion with you and take the opportunity to sell vintage clothing at a reasonable price point. I come from a fashion background, holding merchandising and management positions in the wholesale and retail industries. I am obsessed and passionate about fashion and in offering stylish elegance and retro-glam beauty to a woman’s wardrobe.

My endorphins fly and my excitement soars when I am on the hunt for vintage treasures!!! I look for small exquisite details in a garment. The folds of a fabric, the drape on the body, the pleating, the silhouette, the shape of a collar, the placement of stitching, the detail on a button, the length of a sleeve, the fullness of a skirt, the cuff of a trouser! A piece of clothing can give you great confidence, make you stand out in a crowd, and empower you! With vintage I offer you intrinsic value, selling one-of-a-kind garments that you cannot find in a department store or retail chain.

With my experience and obsession in the fashion industry these past 20+ years I can honestly say that I personally handpick each and every piece with great love, care, and a superb sense of style!  These garments are forever timeless and gratifyingly priceless! As with all vintage clothing, the pieces I sell on Etsy (LivingABeautifulLife) might have inherited tiny flaws- making them perfect in their imperfection.  With that being said…I hope you love your purchase as much as I do, and as much as the fashionistas before us had!