Sweater Weather

This is the season for sweater dressing and there are a variety of ways to style these comforting knits. The pandemic has created quite the “homebody” in all of us, therefore fueling our desire for soft, warm, comfort clothes. I desperately need to get out of my pajamas, and a cozy sweater could be the … Continue Reading

The Bold Blazer: From A Timeless Classic to Modern Chic

A blazer is such an unfailing staple that provides effortless style to any outfit. I have a diverse collection of VINTAGE blazers that are extremely versatile and easy to mix & match with most pieces in your closet! To Purchase Vintage Pieces, Click on Highlighted Links in Description at Bottom of Photos! Mix a bold-colored … Continue Reading

Thrift Shop Fashion

I am completely obsessed with thrift shop fashion! Curating and sourcing a collection of vintage clothing and accessories every season is a passion of mine. Digging through a Goodwill or an ARC store and finding that perfect designer or vintage piece for my customers is absolutely exhilarating! It’s all about the Thrill of the Hunt!!!! … Continue Reading

What To Wear For Your Holiday Soirees!

‘Tis the season to get decked out for all of those holiday festivities!  December is the most social month of the year, and it requires an excessive number of special looks.  Own the party in sequins, lace, ruffles, and bows!  Stand out among friends, relatives, and co-workers with a one-of-a-kind VINTAGE piece.  VINTAGE is priceless, … Continue Reading

My “Go-To” Fall Uniform: Blazer + Denim

              All Pieces Available For Sale on Etsy!  Click Here to Purchase!        

Oh So Retro!


The Joy of Vintage : The Velvet Underground

The joy of vintage is that you are buying a heady cocktail of sentiment, history, style, glamour, and beautiful workmanship.  Every vintage piece I collect is forever timeless and gratifyingly priceless! With my experience in, and obsession with, the fashion industry these past 20+ years- I can honestly say that I personally handpick each and … Continue Reading

A Stitch in Time…

Ok!  This is going to sound so cliche, but I have an immense passion for fashion!  I have always viewed fashion as art and as an extended expression of oneself.  Fashion is the canvas for one’s creativity and imagination, and I love that you can sense who a person is through their wardrobe choices.  Fashion … Continue Reading