Genius In A Bottle…That’s what I call these products.  They are temporary “miracle workers” and are my go-to solutions for smoother, firmer, radiant-looking skin.  As we get older, our skin just doesn’t have that fresh, smooth, wrinkle-free look anymore.  I notice a little more wobble, a little more sag, and- do I dare say- a little more cellulite!

PRTTY Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion | 8 oz | $39.00

All of these products are skin perfectors, NOT self-tanners, which is why I love them!  No streaking and no awful smell.  These are tinted moisturizers that give your skin a gorgeous, flattering glow.  They conceal and camouflage all of my minor imperfections to create a sexy, slimmer silhouette.

per-fekt Body Perfection Gel | 3 oz | $48.00

I use the following two products if I want a slight bronzed effect and a dose of sun-kissed color.  If I’m really feeling self-conscience, I layer products on top of each other…A perfection gel with a bronzer on top.

Mister Radiant by Givenchy | 1 oz | $38.00

Nars Body Glow | 4 oz | $59.00

Finally, Bobbie Brown has this amazing moisturizing body oil.  It has a beachy, sensual scent and gives my skin a sexy sheen.

Bobbie Brown Beach Body Oil | 3.4 oz | $30.00

Once you fall in love with one (or all) of these products, I swear you will not be afraid to show a little skin. Don’t you want to look great in your “birthday suit”?  I Dare you to Bare!

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