My latest shopping excursion found me at Free People…yet again!  I absolutely love the casual, laid-back, bohemian vibe of their merchandise.  Hippy-Chic, Playful, Cool…Free People’s clothes are  reminiscent of the 60’s and early 70″s.  I believe I would have fit beautifully back in that era!

The following are the fun, trending pieces that I found simply irresistible!

To begin with, I found this black wide-brimmed hat.  I am seeing this style everywhere in stores now; it’s what’s on-trend this season; and I’m loving it!

Ella Hat with Corded Trim | $58.00
I have always been a huge fan of hats; I am obsessed with them; and have quite the collection in my closet.  I definitely have to feel confident, though, on the days I decide to wear one out the door.  They are definitely attention-grabbers!  More styles to see at the end of my post.
I love these jackets for Fall…
In The Band Textured Jacket | $148.00
Vegan Shearling Motorcycle Jacket | $268.00
Mao Leather Jacket | $548.00
I buy a lot of my “distressed” graphic tees from Free People (Wildfox and Urban Outfitters are other great sources for graphic t-shirts).  I have the one below in a white, long-sleeved version.  So comfortable!
We The Free Little League Tee | $78.00
I found this Free People plaid shirt this past weekend at Kali’s Boutique in Steamboat Springs, CO.  I can always make this grunge-inspired workshirt more glam and sophisticated by pairing it with a black or gray trouser and booties; or tying it at the waist under a leather jacket.
Patched Plaid Button Down | $138.00
Free People produces a lot of wide-leg, bell-bottom pants.  Love! Love! Love!  I happen to be blessed, genetically, with long legs so this pant fits well on me, but I know most of my friends would  complain that this style would be an absolute disaster on them.  Not so….this completely adorable sales associate at the store in Cherry Creek Mall last week was wearing the pants below.  She was around 5’4″ and her SECRET to sporting these pants was simple and cheap…she cut off the bottoms herself to make them shorter.  She was even wearing flip-flops with them.  She looked especially HOT!
The following velvet jacket from Free People I found at the consignment store, Common Threads, in Denver, CO on Pearl Street. 
Tie Front Velvet Jacket | $50.00
Tartan plaid is IN this Fall.  I purchased these pants online and will be wearing them with a black leather jacket or slouchy sweater.
Tartan Track Pant | $138.00
Finally, as I promised, a few more hats that I love and own!  
Hat: Anthropologie | Blouse: Prada
The fedora is my all-time favorite!  Hats are a great form of self-expression.  They add character and personality to any outfit.
Fedora | Gardener’s Folly | $35.00
Shaggy Knit Pullover | Free People | $98.00
BELIEVE in yourself and your STYLE will shine bright!  Peace Out!

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